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AirBnB is very popular, widespread, and reasonably priced in Ireland. So you’ll find that most towns currently offer a wide variety of rental options to tourists. And because Ireland is a major tech leader in Europe, most listings include Wifi and cable television as standard features.

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When booking, keep in mind that Irish weather can be fickle year round. Even in mid-summer it’s not unusual to get a week or two of cold, rainy days. As a result, make sure the place you’re thinking of renting lists some form of heating. If not, enquire before you pay for your stay.

Recent local changes to AirBnB

As of June 1, 2019 new rules have gone into effect regarding AirBnB rentals. According to the online newspaper

. . . anyone renting a property on Airbnb will have to register with their local authority and provide details of the property and the number of days it is being rented. An annual cap of 90 days rental will be imposed and homeowners will only be allowed to rent out their homes for 14 days or fewer at a time.

Airbnb gets its wings clipped in Ireland” (January 10, 2019)

Additional restrictions apply to people living in areas where housing is in high demand, like Dublin and Cork. In those cities, people who want to rent out more than one property via AirBnB must get permission from their local authority to do so.

The future of AirBnB in Ireland

The immediate impact on AirBnB rental options is not clear. In the long-term, though, it will likely reduce the overall supply, especially in the larger cities. And as a result, nightly rates will likely go up as competition decreases.

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