Indoor skiing in Dubai

Ski Dubai is quite an anomaly in a country where the average temperature in August is 107F (42C). Even in mid-winter, nightly temperatures hover around 59F (15C), so it’s not a place you would expect to find snow. Located inside the Mall of the Emirates, this mini ski field maintains a constant temperature of around 32F (0C) and offers skiers 5 runs of varying difficulty levels. Even though it’s all indoors, one of the runs still manages to stretch for nearly a quarter-mile (400 meters).

Ski passes include all of the gear you need and the cost is surprisingly affordable. A two-hour ski pass costs 200 AED (roughly $55 / 48 euro) and a full day pass comes in at only 305 AED (roughly $83 / 73 euro). There’s also a snow park and a penguin encounter, both available separately or as part of a comprehensive ticket.

For complete details, including a map of the park, check out their website at