Lorenzo Quinn's "Suppport" sculpture rising out of the waters of the Grand Canal in Venice.

Support” sculpture rising out of the waters of the Grand Canal in Venice, “supporting” the Ca’Sagredo Hotel. Artist Lorenzo Quinn, son of actor Anthony Quinn, created the giant hands. In interviews, he explained that the work is a reflection on the threat that climate change poses to the world. However, the fact that the hands are bracing the wall of this 14th century hotel indicates that man has the power to halt this change. This large-scale temporary sculpture remained in Venice until May 2018.

Quinn’s artistic philosophy is simple and succinct.

“I make art for myself and for people who wish to come along for a ride through my dreams.”

In addition to Venice, his works appear throughout Europe. Among other places, they can be found on the grounds of Windsor Castle (England) and in front of the Museum of Modern Art in Mallorca, Spain. To view other elegant and engaging sculptures in his portfolio, check out his website at https://www.lorenzoquinn.com/.

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