Winter sunset and giant ferris wheel, Place Massena

Ferris wheel and winter sunset in Place Massena, Nice, France. Tickets cost about US $8 and you sit in enclosed cars rather than in swinging seats. The result is an enjoyable ride, even if you aren’t a fan of heights. In all, it’s a great way to spend a leisurely half-hour or so.

Nice erects this intricately detailed and architecturally beautiful wheel each year in late November. It then forms part of the Christmas village and children’s play area that is set up in the park. After New Year, when the village is dismantled, the wheel is left standing. It then remains in place through late February or early March.

In fact, the massive Carnival celebration in mid-February takes place on all sides of the wheel.┬áThose lucky enough to be on board during these events get a bird’s eye view of the parades and fireworks. During the daytime, when no celebrations are underway, the ride provides terrific view of the historical areas of Nice.