Month: January 2019

Survival tips for long bus trips

Bouncy, Boring, and Brutal: Survival Tips for Long Bus Trips

You might be asking yourself, “Why would anyone need survival tips for long bus trips?” Aren’t long distance bus trips inherently exciting for the solo traveler? Getting all the way from Point A to Point B at a fraction of the cost of flying. Being at eye level with the landscape. Kicking back and soaking […]

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Giotto's Bell Tower, Florence, Italy

Shot from a Canon: January 27, 2019

Giotto’s Bell Tower as seen from the roof of the Duomo in Florence, Italy. An iconic local landmark, the tower dates to 1359 and rises 278 feet (84.7 meters) above the Piazza del Duomo. And it’s more than just a frequent scenic backdrop for selfies and group shots. It features a panoramic roof terrace located […]

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Surfer statue, Santa Cruz, California

Shot from a Canon: January 20, 2019

Surfer statue on the cliff above Indicators surf break, Santa Cruz, California. Prominent classical sculptor Thomas Marsh created this 18-foot tall monument in 1992, dedicating it “to all surfers, past, present and future.” Since that time, it has become a cherished part of the local surf culture. And the setting is significant, too. The first recorded […]

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Cathedral Museum, Mdina, Malta

Shot from a Canon: January 13, 2019

Baroque facade of the Cathedral Museum located in Archbishop’s Square, Mdina, Malta. This former seminary became a museum in 1897, but didn’t open its doors to the public until 1969. The museum collection is vast, especially given the size of the town. In the collection are rare coins, intricately designed silver religious artifacts and statues. […]

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Nano Nagle pedestrian bridge, Cork city center

Shot from a Canon: January 6, 2019

Nano Nagle pedestrian bridge spanning the River Lee in Cork, Ireland. Born in County Cork, Honora “Nano” Nagle was an 18th century pioneer of women’s Catholic education in Ireland. In 1775, she founded the Society of Charitable Instruction of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Unlike most female congregations of the time, the members were not […]

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