Where is Karl Bushby 2024?

Where is Karl Bushby 2024?

That’s a good–and popular–question. If you don’t know who Karl Bushby is, check out our review of his book Giant Steps: The Remarkable Story of the Goliath Expedition: From Punta Arenas to Russia. It’s the fascinating story of the first part of the epic walk he is undertaking from southern Chile back to his home […]

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Polarsteps App Review

Outstanding Apps For Die-Hard Travelers: Polarsteps

I started using the Polarsteps app in March 2018 at the outset of a 31-day trip to Dubai, Australia, and Thailand and immediately got hooked on it. I’ll be honest. I’ve always thought taking photos and keeping a journal while traveling were self-indulgent and a waste of time. But there’s something about the visual, tangible, and […]

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Uber in Ireland Alternative : FreeNow

How to Kind of Uber In Ireland: Download FreeNow

January 16, 2024: The list of cities and towns that are served by FreeNow in Ireland has grown since we last checked. The following are now listed on their website: Athlone Cork Dublin Drogheda Galway Kerry Kilkenny Limerick Navan Sligo Waterford April 16, 2023: FreeNow just announced changes to their fee structure, with more categories […]

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Anthony Bourdain on Winging It While Traveling

“I’m a big believer in winging it. I’m a big believer that you’re never going to find perfect city travel experience or the perfect meal without a constant willingness to experience a bad one. Letting the happy accident happen is what a lot of vacation itineraries miss, I think, and I’m always trying to push […]

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Walking the Nile - Book Recommendation

Travel Books That’ll Knock Your Socks Off: “Walking the Nile”

A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon and immediately got hooked on Ewan McGregor’s BBC reality television series Long Way Down. The program documents the three-month journey McGregor and his friend undertook in 2007 from northern Scotland to Cape Town, South Africa by motorcycle. I was fascinated and enthralled by their trip: the challenges […]

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Irish slang words

How To Curse Like A Leprechaun

So, you want to learn how to curse like a leprechaun, do you? Well you’re in luck, ya jammy bastard. Because one of the first things you’ll notice in Ireland is that everyone swears. All the time. From little babies ask for their “fooking bottles” to old women shouting “I will in me hole!” when asked […]

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Gas Statons Near Major Airports

Gas Stations Close to Major Airports

The following is a list of gas stations close to major metropolitan airports in North America. It’s currently a work in progress, so the list will continue to grow over time and will eventually include gas stations in Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, and Australia. We used Google to find these results, so the listings […]

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Napa Wineries

7 Small, Family-Owned Wineries You Should Visit in Napa, California

Napa Valley, California is home to more than 400 wineries, the vast majority of which are small, family-owned enterprises that produce some of the finest wines in the world. The following are seven small wineries in Napa Valley that we think are worth a visit: Rombauer Vineyards Website: rombauer.com/ Address: 3522 Silverado Trail N, St. […]

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French Pastries

Five of the Best Patisseries in Paris

Paris is known as the City of Love, but it our opinion is should be called the City of Pastries and Confections. From dainty macarons to custardy tarts to crunchy meringues, it’s pure heaven for those with a sweet tooth. To help you find the best of the best in a city filled with delectable […]

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Irish Pubs in Dublin

10 Great Pubs in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland, is renowned for its traditional pubs, each with its unique character and charm. Here are 10 great pubs to visit, whether you’re a local or a tourist seeking a true Irish pub experience: The Long Hall Website: www.facebook.com/longhallpub Address: 51 South Great George’s St, Dublin 2, D02 VR92, Ireland The Long Hall is […]

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Hidden San Francisco: 5 Unusual Attractions You Should Visit

San Francisco is a vibrant and diverse city filled with world-renowned attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge, the iconic cable cars, the former Alcatraz Prison, and Lombard Street “The Crookedest Street in the World.” But there’s a whole other side of the City By The Bay that’s every bit as enjoyable, but far less well […]

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Bill Bryson on Travel and Beauty

“Most of the time I am sunk in thought, but at some point on each walk there comes a moment when I look up and notice, with a kind of first-time astonishment, the amazing complex delicacy of the woods, the casual ease with which elemental things come together to form a composition that is ― […]

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Public toilets in Nice

Public toilets in Nice, France : Oui! Oui!

It’s not the most exciting topic to read about, but you’ll be happy to know where the public toilets in Nice are if you’re walking around all day. Unlike most places in the United States and a lot of other countries, public toilets are usually not free in France. Some department stores and electronic stores […]

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Trompe-l'oeil (optical illusion) art works in Nice, France

Fake Views! Trompe-L’oeil Artworks in Nice, France

Located in the heart of the French Riviera, Nice has a lot going for it. Warm, sunny summers; short, mild winters; two world-class art galleries; great food; and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Tens of thousands of tourists come each year, but most don’t even notice that some of the most impressive works of art are […]

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Planning a solo trip

9 Steps for Planning the Perfect Solo Trip

If you’ve never tried planning the perfect solo trip or if your previous “perfect” solo trips didn’t live up to your expectations, you might feel overwhelmed at where to begin. The following guide leads you step-by-step through the planning process, from figuring out your goals to booking your ticket. The more time you take deciding […]

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Is It Safe to Travel To…?

Is it safe to travel to <your intended destination>? It’s a common question for travelers. It’s also one that you can always find an answer to by doing a little research. And the websites listed at the end of this post are a great place to start. Note that each of these is a government-run, […]

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breakfast in bondi - top 5 cafes

Bondi Brekkie: Five Restaurants with Killer Breakfasts

Bondi Beach is world renown for great surf and a vibrant social scene. It also has a wide range of excellent casual restaurants where you can get locally sourced, fresh, and delicious meals. So to help you narrow down the list of choices, here are what I consider the five best places to grab breakfast […]

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Jack Kerouac on Living Life Fully

Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain. ― Jack Kerouac

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Paul Theroux on Travel

Travel is an optimistic form of living because you assume if you’re traveling that good things are going to happen to you. No one thinks, “I’m going to go to a place and terrible things are going to happen.” Travel is sort of optimism in action and you think there’s something good down the road. […]

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Dominical Bus, Costa Rica

Semi-True Tales from My Life So Far: Hot-Pot, Stop-Cop, Me-Pee

I leave the land of underwater farts A couple of years ago I spent six days in the Manuel Antonio/Quepos area of Costa Rica. And let me tell you, when people in Hell feel a chill, they go to Manuel Antonio/Quepos to warm up. It’s not just blazing hot there, it’s humid like you’ve never […]

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information about San Francisco

49 Sq Miles Surrounded by Reality: Tourist Information for San Francisco

Check out these links that connect you to the latest tourist information for San Francisco, the West Coast’s most charming and beautiful city. Find out about local events, tours, flights, weather conditions, medical facilities, transportation options, and much more. If there is any additional information you think we should add, let us know via the […]

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Information about Sydney

Carnivorous Dropbears in Every Tree! Tourist Information for Sydney

The following information about Sydney should prove useful as you explore Australia’s largest city and the areas surrounding it. If there is any additional information you think we should add, let us know via the COMMENT form at the bottom of the page. Weather Click for weather forecast Emergency Services Dial 000 if you are […]

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John Muir on Traveling Alone

“Only by going alone in silence, without baggage, can one truly get into the heart of the wilderness. All other travel is mere dust and hotels and baggage and chatter.” John Muir, “Father of the National Parks” and co-founder of the Sierra Club

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Old Sligo petrol station

How To Avoid Passing Gas (Stations) In Ireland

First things first: you fuel up your car at petrol stations, not gas stations in Ireland. “Gas” in Ireland refers to natural gas, which you would use to heat your home. Other than that, petrol stations in Ireland are virtually identical to those you’ll find in the U.S. The main difference is that by American […]

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Outstanding Apps For Die-Hard Travelers: Going.com

CONTENT EXTENSIVELY UPDATED: April 6, 2023 ScottsCheapFlights.com changed its name to Going.com in January 2023. From what we can tell, the most obvious changes to the website are: The default page no longer shows travel deals that are available to regular (non-paying) users; it shows only Premium deals that you have to become a paying member […]

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