Bas-relief monument honoring 16th century French resistance heroine Catarina Segurana.

Bas-relief monument on the walls of the old town of Nice, honoring Catarina Segurana. Living in Nice during the 16th century when the town was part of the Duchy of Savoy, Segurana helped lead the fight against the Franco-Ottoman invasion of Nice in August of 1543. The generally accepted story is that she took the lead in attacking the French and Muslim fighters on the walls of the city and single-handedly captured and destroyed their flag. An unconfirmed coda to the legend is that after ripping up the flag, she mooned the Muslims and used the shredded cloth to wipe her rear. Regardless of whether she “dropped trou” or not, she’s the first in a long line of resistance fighters whose bravery is honored in plaques, monuments, and public squares in Nice.

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