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The following information about Nice should prove useful as you explore France’s fifth largest city. If there is any additional information you think we should add, please let us know via the COMMENT form at the bottom of the page.


Find more about Weather in Nice, FR
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Emergency Services

Dial 112 if you are in urgent need of police, fire, or medical assistance. This number is free from pay phones, so you don’t need coins to call it. Note that this number is the same in almost all European countries, in case you’re traveling beyond France.

Airport Flight Info

The following site provides English-language information about the arrivals and departures at Nice Airport. Check this before you head out on your flight to make sure you know which terminal to go to. Unlike 99.9% of the airports in the world, as you drive into Nice International there are NO signs telling you which airlines use which terminals.

Events/Activities Listings

The following two links provide information regarding what’s on in Nice during your visit. To be honest, I don’t find the first, city-sponsored link to be particularly useful. It lists a lot of official, city-sponsored or city-approved events, but skips most of the private, and usually more interesting happenings. It’s a good place to start, though.

The following site is a bit better, as it lists a broader range of activities and covers Nice and most of the towns close by, as well as Monaco.

Museums and Art Installations

The following links take you to our posts covering the major museums and art installations in Nice. Links to the official museum websites appear within the related posts.

Matisse Museum Nice: Sure to be your “fauve”rite

Chagall Musee Nice: Sacré bleu [and red and green]

Musee des Beaux Arts Nice: Off the beaten track

Allons-y! Your walking tour of public art in Nice

Fake views! Trompe-l’oeil artworks in Nice, France

Transportation System (Ligne d’Azur)


With the exception of the 98 and 99 airport express buses and the Bus 100% Neige (100% Snow Bus) to the Isola 2000 ski field, all adult rides on the bus/tram network are 1.50 euros, regardless of how far you travel.

That means you can go from Menton, on the French border with Italy all the way into Mercantour National Park (2 1/2 hours north of Nice) for less than the price of a cup of coffee. Transfers are free within 90 minutes of the initial ticket purchase as long as the bus/tram you transfer to is going in the same general direction as the one you got off.

Use the following link to plot your trip, find bus/tram stops, or review bus schedules.

Free Port Shuttles: Bus and Boat

The Port of Nice runs a free shuttle bus from one side of the port to the other year-round. Hours vary by season. Just wave the driver down anywhere along the route and he or she will stop for you.

The Port also runs a free shuttle boat across the middle of the harbor from mid-May until mid-October. The service runs from 10am to 7pm, weather permitting, and can only take 5 people at a time. If there’s a long line, it’s usually quicker to just walk around. Catch the shuttle at the east side of the port on the edge of the parking lot where there’s a tall yellow sculpture of a whale’s tale. Catch the shuttle on the west side of the port at the foot of the stairs by the trees that are across the road from Le Cafe du Port.

Nice links - Port of Nice shuttle boat

English-Speaking Doctors & Dentists Network

In France, it’s not legal to post the names and addresses of doctors and dentists online. The following website, though very amateur looking, provides a list of services offered by local doctors and dentists. It also includes a map showing the area covered by the site (Nice is fully within the range).

Call the following number from the website to speak to an English-speaking representative. He or she will ask you where you are and will then provide you with names of the doctor(s) or dentist(s) closest to you. I’ve used this service and it’s very helpful and free.

Tel: 04 93 26 12 70

Nice Taxis

Use the following number to order a taxi in English. Or save the hassle and download the Taxi Nice app onto your smartphone. The app can be used to either order a taxi or to locate the nearest taxi rank to you. You can also use it to get an estimate of how much your journey will cost.

Tel: 08 99 70 08 78

Free app for Android phones:

Free app Apple phones:

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